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Questions for the contented

A list of questions for the less than ‘awake’.

This is a list of questions best memorised and used when finding oneself conversing with the ‘contented people’ who haven’t had their world cracked open by the Covid psy-op.

  • Is everything still making sense?
  • Has life returned to that of January 2020?
  • Has it all been worth it?
  • Were the predictions about fatalities close to the result?
  • Did almost everyone need to be ’vaccinated’?
  • Did your relationships with family and friends change after January 2020?
  • Have you lost anything since 2020?
  • Have you gained anything since 2020?
  • Did you contract a strain of Covid? If so, what were the symptoms?
  • Have any deaths struck you as unusual since 2020?
  • Were you aware of any ’vaccine’ injuries?
  • What is your take on the Ukrainian war?
  • Do you consider Biden to be the legitimate president of the US?
  • Why do we seem to have food shortages when national weather and therefore yields have been so favourable? eg.
  • Are the supply chain problems planned or a natural consequence of world events?
  • Is the current economic inflation planned and created or a natural consequence of world events?
  • Why is petrol so expensive in Australia when we receive such a small amount of Russian oil?
  • Why is Russia called an aggressor when the US has dropped more than 330,000 bombs since 2000 on countries it has invaded?
  • Is the ’climate catastrophe’ a real existential calamity?
  • Could the world’s hungry be fed by what Australia alone has spent on its Covid response? Could this money we have saved many lives and improved the outcomes of many more people?
  • What really positive effects might take place if everyone in the world had the chance to be well nourished and educated? What might that cost?
  • Do we live in a democracy?
  • Do the rich control everything?
  • Are the rich becoming richer?
  • What negatives are there from the already enormously rich and powerful becoming more so?