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Covid ‘vaccines’ keep on killing

A 39 year old British model and a 27 year old two-time Malaysian Olympian both dead only days after being injected. The 39 year old had the AstraZeneca jab, the 27 year old the Pfizer jad.


Are too many people catching on to the fraud?

Covid Operation to Devastate Our Freedom May Be Over – Ice Age Now Robert W. Felix collates the way the Covid narrative is falling to pieces and wonders how informed people who are not conspiracy theorists can not be doubting the policies. He asks, ‘What will be the next op? Crashing the currency system? Aliens?.’ […]

Climate Fossil fuels Global Warming

Text or video talk from Dr Chris DeArmitt about plastics and the environment.

A PhD polymer scientist’s personal mission to collect and read hundreds of articles to write the book ‘The Plastics Paradox’ that compares the environmental effects of the most commonly used materials.

Climate Coal

Turnbull loses….again…

Climate Global Cooling Global Warming

UAH Global Temperature Update for April 2021

Climate Global Cooling

Greta has never seen April warming